He who kills do…

He who kills does not become a leader but he who protects does become one

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  1. Michelle

    As I say, “I’d rather be a lion for a day, than a sheep all my life”.
    I’m realizing this now that I’m a mother. I want to show the wee one, that you stand up when you see something being done that is wrong – you help the helpless. This is the only way the world will start to win in the cases of humanity turning against each other. The good must stand up, speak up and act! I don’t understand when people can see awful things happening to an innocent person in public, and not do anything!!
    Some parents might say, “I have responsibilities to my own family and children; I cannot get involve and risk my life.” Yes, we do have responsibilities to our family and children, like providing a home and food. But we also have the responsibility of teaching them. And for them to see us stand by and do nothing, or see us risk our life to go against something clearly wrong —- that is just as important as the food in their mouth and the roof over their head.

    • That is right Michelle. That is right. I wish n hope that we can transfer some of this wisdom to the new generation … I believe we can with a little effort

      • Michelle

        With a little effort, and by example. It’s amazing how people become less fearful, when they see an example done. May I be full of good examples for Stella. 🙂 May we all!

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