History. Culture. Identity.

History. Culture. Language. Identity

Clicking the remote and stopping the world for a moment. I notice, the world in its presentense, burdenned by the weight of its identity, stressed by conflicting traditions, weathered by painful distorted histories.
None of the known world is left untouched. Invaded, occupied and colonized over the centuries these lands have painted their people with the identities, cultures and traditions of the invading aliens.
If we are to judge wheather a tribal living in the remote forest of Amazon is best left to live the way his people have been for milleniums, then i would safely say that the rest of us who endured invasion of alien tradition and cultures at some point in our histories have lost something.
As we find out everyday that we arent really doing any better than the happy tribals in terms of gross domestic happiness. I sometimes have this dream of a bunch of tribals sitting on a rock cliff, looking at me and winking at me as if to say “you still dont get it..dumbass”.
We may not be able to reverse our travel back into the forests and get back to our tribal hamlet, there are none left even if literate dumbasses like me decided to go back. But the point is that what do we need to do? to get some sanity back into our thinking, to the rationale that living in happy, living in content, living in harmony with the Land is our primary function as developed species, Humans !!

I think its important for people to know their identity, to know their culture, to understand their history in its truest and original form. As in most cases, histories are written by the winners, and its safe to say that not all winners have been the true people of the land. Consequently, distorted histories have had an adverse effect on peoples identities, cultures, languages and confidence. There by creating sense of deprivation, inferiority, frustration and anger. Which today find its way through many Squares as uprisings, rebellion etc.
It needs to be understood that the history is not always found under the ground as debris. But also in the literature and conscience of the living breathing people. So its not scientific archaeology that is the need of the hour but its the humanity, the compassion to respect the other can only restore the lost planet.

In hope.


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  1. lana

    Great thoughts as always! there is so much to say n do, where do ‘start.. ‘kind of think too much identity including culture, past, religion, etc do separate us now days cause we didnt learn the right lessons yet, and as we know history repeat itself until The Lesson learned. Absolutely! To restore probably not the lost planet but lost mankind 🙂 let’s welcome now humanity, compassion, respect, ‘could add warmth of our hearts, open minds and willingness! Love n Happiness will never leave us! it starts with you and me and…
    Life gives us whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of our consciousness. How do we know this is the experience we need? Because this is the experience we are having at the moment, to re-phrase Eckhart Tolle.

  2. We dint learn the right lessons… great words 🙂

  3. lana

    reality is such a drug and people regretfully prove to be their own worst enemy. As soon as they look at the world through an ideology they are finished. Life doesn’t fit an ideology, life is beyond that and we are always searching for a meaning to life. Loving thoughts can n will shape our reality n will restore the balance! Believe!

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