30 million species

I suddenly realized, writing a comment on a fellow bloggers page, the estimated number of species on the planet right now is a highly debatable topic. Statistic, Logistic system employed over the last 250 years by the Swedish Botanist Carl Linnaeus to catalog species have since left over an astounding 86% of species still unknown. But how many actually exist to conclude we found 14% of them ?? Deciphering earth’s library still remains a mystery at best.  Wonder then, when we know so little about whats living and breathing around us, should we shift our focus from exploring outer spaces and start exploring within our space first.

I don’t know if the ancients knew more than we do now, remembering an ancient legend which said the planet consists of 30 million species… their belief was to revere each living species as god… coincidentally the Indian pantheon consists of 30 million Gods.

Wonder how they came up with that number thousands of years ago?


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  1. Very intriguing question indeed. Maybe all we do is simply rediscover truths that have already been discovered and then pat ourselves on the back, thinking how smart we are.

  2. l

    Why choose?? Why choose between outer spaces n within our space if we can do both?? ‘m so would love to know about here n out there n arent willing to wait 🙂 ‘d prefer us not to shift at all n research even more cause The Truth is out there! when we stop wars “within our space” we’ll have all resources we need to explore here and out there n everywhere!
    And in my mind there is no doubt the ancients knew!! how else?? and its not about more than us, they wouldnt bother with such small stuff because they knew The Truth. The only problem ‘see is we dont know what they knew 🙂
    However one thing is for certain n makes me happy The Cat is God! 😉

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