Vivekananda on the Reincarnation of the Soul

Reincarnation of the Soul a lecture by Vivekananda in New York, 1896

Dr K M Rao

(Part of the Series of Lectures Delivered in New York 26th Jan 1896)( an abridged version)   (Paper Presented  in Vivekananda Study Circle, Madras e.  Chapter to Commemorate his 150th Birthday.)

Sometimes people get frightened at idea, and superstition is so strong that thinking men even believe that they are the outcome of nothing, and then, with the grandest logic, try to deduce the theory that although they have come out of zero, they will be eternal after wards. Those that come out of zero will certainly have to go back to zero. Neither you, nor g nor any one present, has come out of zero, nor will go back to zero. We have been existing eternally, and will exist, and there is no power under the sun or above the sun which can undo your or my existence or send us back to zero. Now this idea of…

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  1. mew!

    Great!! cant get enough..
    Frankly, ‘cant believe there are people who find a reincarnation to be a frightening idea. Would be burning in hell for eternity not so frightening for them?

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