“The original concept of a Free Market Capitalist system, as initiated by the early Economic Philosophers like Adam Smith, was based on an intent to market real tangible life supporting goods for trade.

But Adam Smith would have never phathomed that the most profitable economic sector on the planet today is Trading of Money itself. So called Investment. In other words Money is gained by movement of Other Money…. Which holds zero productive gain for the society…”

Perhaps it was gods plan to create money to keep man on leash….wondered why a Dollar bill always said “in god we trust” 🙂



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  1. No wonder people worship money. God works in mysterious ways.

  2. me&i

    Adam Smith prudent intention vs the God’s plan 🙂
    and here they come, my fav “masonic”conspiracy theories, the “masonic” eagle, the all-seeing eye of God within a triangle, the Pyramid, the symbolic number 13.. list goes on &on&on ..the more ‘know the more ‘d like to know

  3. me&i

    Reblogged this on wow!.

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