Aeronautical Engineer turned Story teller turned…

But then just happened to like Art, Philosophy, Technology, Business, Religion, Humanity, Politics, Space, Medicine, Biology, Animals, Geography, History, Supernatural, Metaphysics, Literature, Ghosts, Dogs, Cats and Souls.


  1. l

    Fantastic storyteller! only ‘think your happened to like cant be complete without cats!

  2. izzumi

    love it ! Aj u r super at everything u do.

  3. Hello, how lovely to meet you~

  4. Thank you, it is often done with wild abandonment and complete passion I fear~
    Am in awe of your chosen field, so many years of education to achieve it.

    • Def Not abandonned. People like us across the world do notice the passion and pain in ur work. In my optimistic opinion, always think that even if We can inspire one…We feel accomplished 🙂

  5. Must work harder, the animals cannot wait. They are dying as fast as they can!

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