Breasts, Babies and Milk wars

Breast milk is the best for babies … Period.

One of the most significant “Nature Wisdom” passed on to us humans and animals.  Its perhaps genetic memory that makes the little baby move up to grab that milk. And back then, thankfully, there wasn’t a government or corporate or scientist involved to make that decision for us to suckle, we just knew better and we did it. Otherwise, we could have risked evolution all together.

Its known by now that a Mother’s milk contains all the essential nutrients and fatty acids necessary, over a 100 of them, which the infant formulas don’t, they aid in improving the immunity levels to reduce risks of Diabetes, Asthma, Cancer, Diarrhea, pneumonia etc. and also improve mothers health significantly.

Am sure it is true, since we survived Ice Ages, Greatest battles, famines, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Epidemics, Revolutions, Romans, Colonial Powers, Hitlers, World Wars, Disco, George Bushes, Osamas, Sarah Palin’s and still living?? Remarkable achievement for a dumbass species like Humans.

Remarkable, we are still living, although not as healthy as our animal cousins in the wild perhaps, we seem to be spending more on medicine then they are. Is it the weather, is it the food we eat? I don’t know. But one thing is quite certain, we have one thing that those poor animals do not. That is, a Businessman who came along and decided to make money off the breast milk calling it THE Infant Formula !!!

“Your kids will be so bibo they’ll end up on TV just like the models on our TV ads!” this is a statement from a television advertisement in Philippines. One of the worlds worst examples of Infant formula consumption effecting an entire generation according to my knowledge.

According to an article by a blogger Mong Palatino who says “The public seems mesmerized by milk ads which claim to make children more intelligent, healthy and strong forgetting that infant formula remains a poor substitute to breast milk.” ….

“Of particular concern in formula is the ingredient manganese, a neurotoxic chemical found in much higher concentrations in baby formula, particularly soy-based formulas, than in breast milk. According to the EWG, soy-based formulas contain about 80 times as much manganese as mother’s milk, while animal-based formulas contain about 30 times more. Elevated manganese levels have been linked to behavioral problems, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) later in life. Babies are not able to absorb and excrete excess manganese during the first year of life, according to the EWG.”

More of that can be found here;

Paid health workers, nursing homes,  powerful advertising have encouraged new mothers to switch resulting in massive shortfall in the health standards of a generation. Inspite of Philippine governments effort to ban infant formula, the corporate companies have bullied their way through the US Chamber of Commerce exerting pressure on the President to remove the ban. ABBOT, Gerber, Wyett, Nestle still continue to sell their infant formula.

This is not just limited to the third world, closer in the United States; According to Natural News,

“In Massachusetts, public health authorities have taken steps to encourage breastfeeding by restricting the marketing of baby formula in the state’s hospital maternity wards.

In many hospitals across the country, new mothers are given complimentary gift baskets during their stay that often contain free samples of infant formula, supplied by formula companies. This is a practice Massachusetts health authorities see as a clever marketing trick, since it implies that the hospital’s healthcare providers, in giving new mothers this gift, endorse the use of formula.

To combat the practice, the state has decided that while free formula may be made available to mothers who need it, it will no longer be added to gift baskets for all new mothers. The restrictions are part of a larger state initiative to educate women about the benefits of breastfeeding, reports The Boston Globe.”

How did we come to believe this businessman who is telling us his milk is better than breast milk??


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  1. Yeah, funny ain’t it. Anything to turn a buck. Nice observation. 🙂

  2. mew!

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  3. It was very difficult for my wife, but both my sons are very healthy; big, strong and almost never get sick. Men should support their wives in this endeavor. thanks

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