1000 years of Europe

Link 1000 years of Europe

Looking at this video….Although it is impressive to watch a 1000 years fly past as you watch… but could not stop feeling the melancholy if one person had to endure this 1000 years standing there in the middle of Europe and constantly being ravaged by the changing Empires, Kingdoms, Loyalties, Religions, Races, Countries, Traditions, Cultures, Beliefs and least of all Life itself. Wish the world was one.


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  1. me&i

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  2. me&i

    Ah, Europe! All the Glory n All the Sorrows n still is the best place on Earth! But somehow ‘believe the world is one in the eyes of a Creator, only in the human’s mind it isn’t, could be, right? 🙂

  3. That is absolutely incredible. While watching it, I started rooting for the countries that remained stable in their colors, like Hungary and Norway, until they changed and I was like, awww. And then everything went haywire after that. Really fascinating, but as you said, what it represents is very sad.

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